About Us

About Missouri Gems Toole Farms LLC

No antibiotics, growth hormones, herbicides or pesticides are ever used in our processed meats! Our goal is to provide top grade beef, pork, turkey, chicken eggs, honey and more!  Some items are seasonal so please click the “Contact Us”  link in the top right hand corner for pricing and availability.

Missouri Gems Toole Farms LLC was established in 2012 but the history goes back to 1962 when Thomas and Virginia Toole married and moved to Holden Missouri. Thomas and Virginia both worked in the medical field, it was here they learned of the importance of all natural products.

Virginia took it upon herself to make sure the eight children had only the finest meats and produce. She raised her own cows, chickens, pigs, rabbits and goats. Then in her free time she tended the garden. As the children grew so did the farms, thus establishing Missouri Gems Toole Farms.

Seven of the eight children continue to farm today and are deeply devoted to providing the best home grown grass fed beef and chickens for our families and our neighbors… like you!