August 2017 Update

As the year moves rapidly on we are busy canning and preserving the abundant harvest from our gardens. We have canned over 60 quarts of green beans and also corn. Salsa and tomatoes are next on the list. We have many many melons to enjoy. We’d share if you like to come. Zucchini are so abundant the heifers are getting the big ones. They seem to love them just as they did the sweet potato vines when we trimmed them so the tubers would develop better. I’m also going to pull the green bean vines and they will get them too.
Due to wet weather and equipment failure we are still making hay. The fall hay is often better than the early spring hay as it keeps and is nutritious instead of having so much moisture.
We have moved the cows and calves to new pastures several times. The earlier calves are around 500 pounds now and the new babies are cute as can be. Mommas are all fat and have plenty of milk so all should grow even better. We will wean the calves in December. They will be eating grass and hay by then and will do just fine without their mommas. The bulls have been with the cows since early June so most cows should be pregnant with next year’s calf now or very soon. We are fortunate to have had 99% calf crop this year. That doesn’t always happen for various reasons.
Our four goats have grown and the three billies will be ready for slaughter by November, Not sure what we’ll do with the little doe. They share the chicken range so they eat the brush etc. there. Don’t know that we want goats in the winter time. We are not set up to give them the best care during cold weather. Sometimes they have been a nuisance but we have enjoyed their antics too.
As the days are cooler we ladies will paint the inside of my barn and the guys will put in the equipment so I can begin milking as my dairy cows calve. We also plan to have commercial style stainless steel kitchen appliances in the big room so we can bake etc. when we want to. The family uses this room for their get together’s as well.
One more thing before I quit. Anyone looking for some delicious naturally raised free range pork (dirt hogs) is in luck. We have ten that will soon be going to slaughter and you can get a whole or half. We are asking $2.00 per pound live wt. Each hog will weigh between 250 and 300 pounds live. You will then have a choice of how you want it processed and cured. You will pay the locker fees to do this. Makes some great winter eating. Email me what you want @