December 2017

Welcome to our farm
It is the middle of December 2017.  Sorry I’m so slow this month.  December 5th I had a hip replacement due to wear and tear.  Was having much difficulty getting around so needed to improve that before the spring season begins on the farm.  All went very well and therapy has me up and going.  Will graduate from walker to cane today, December 18. Should be back on the four wheeler by March.
Otherwise this is the “quiet time” on the farm.  Still have the hens to care for and a few sheep.  The boys feed the cows so I am not involved with that.  I will miss the move of the weaned calves to winter pasture the end of the month.  Won’t be doing a lot for the Christmas party of our family this time either.  My job is to decide what we need to accomplish next year, when it needs doing and how to get it done.  I definitely want the Barn fully functional.  That means installing a sink, the milking equipment, a dish washer and getting the store part so it has cabinets and storage space.  The milk and egg cooler needs to be in place as well. Need to decide what vegetables we will put in the garden and where we will get the seeds.  Also am thinking about my berry patch and how that needs to fall into place.  Some fruit trees need to be trimmed and some replaced for them to bear better.  Big order and a fair amount of money but is doable.

I will be ordering the baby chicks, turkeys, ducks and some geese in the near future.  We have a source for lambs and goats at this time.
After the first of the year I think we will be making a trip to Arkansas to pick up the young bull I bought last September.  He was still a suckling calf then but should be ready to go by now.
Hope all of you are well, your Christmas shopping done and looking forward to a prosperous New Year.  Merry Christmas to all.  Thank you for visiting with us.  Until next month may the good Lord take a liking to you.