February 2019

Hello and welcome to our farm.  We are glad to have you visit.  I try to write a short letter each month to tell you what we are doing.     January saw us working in the cold to be sure our animals and fowl had good food and open water.  I have heaters in the waterers for the sheep, chickens and ducks/geese.  The goats share the hens drinker–as long as it is kept rigorously clean.   Goats are the pickiest animals about their food of any I care for.  The boys have kept the cattle well fed and they remain in good flesh.  Some are getting big with babies to be born in late March.  Our calves will go to market in March and have done well–all but a couple.  One died from gut complications and one got in the pond so was really wet and cold.  We got her out and warmed up and she is doing quite well now.  Things happen even when we try to be so careful.  Always hurts me to know they are not feeling as good as they should.     My little nanny goat had her baby just before the snowstorm here in KC hit.  He is doing so well–fat as a butterball and playful.  Surely gives the two billy goat a hard time as he loves to jump and climb on them.  He is black with a little white and long droopy ears.  So fun to watch.     I have ordered my baby chicks for the year.  I get 100 per month starting in March and ending in August.  I raise them for sale beginning in May.  Email me if interested.  souscon4@gmail.com.     Have been perusing the seed catalogs to decide what to plant.  We Will over plant our pastures with grasses and legumes to make them thicker and so we will have more hay.  I will, of course, plant the usual common vegetables and tomatoes plus some less usual things.  Maybe eggplants.  Melons, pumpkins and flowers are on my order as well.  Checked my dahlia tubers the other day and they have stayed plump in their sand bed.  I think they are my favorite flower.     My husband is taking his mower in to be made ready for the summer work load.  He does all the yard work.  As long as he is able I will not mow!     We are working on finishing the inside of the dairy barn to be ready to milk by the end of March when one of my Guernseys has her calf.  I do miss the fresh milk and cream.  My whole barn has heated floors and that has been great this winter when I work in there.  We also have family get together and dinners in it as that is what it was built to be.  Someplace big enough and with a large parking lot so we can safely get in–not like at our house which sits close to the highway.      Enough for now.  See you next month.    Virginia