February 2021

Hello everyone:     So we are in the beginning of a new year–one we have no idea what will happen–as usual.  The past year for the Toole Farm was busy with the usual things and then with more beef processing than before.  That was a positive turn, especially since we lost so much poultry.  Mostly do to the weather.  Would like things to be better this year.  I have ordered the baby chicks and hope we can process most of the 100 per month from May through October. It is possible the cost of feed will go up due to the weather in Iowa last fall.  We use only non-GMO feed for the birds and mostly for all the animals.  Waiting to see how the ethanol plants fair as they impact corn prices.  Also how the cattle markets will be resolved.     At any rate we plan to carry on pretty much as usual and pray we will have a good growing season for hay.  We do not row crop but hope those who do have moisture when they need it and the right amount.  They grow the grains we use to feed our livestock, poultry in particular, since our cattle get very little grain.     At this time the cows begin getting heavy with calf and so far all are in good condition.  They are offered plenty of minerals at all times and good hay.  We don’t supplement unless the cows lose too much condition. We expect to start having babies by the end of March.  Our calves from last year are really nice and we will sell some of them later this spring.  Will keep some to turn into wonderful grass fed/ finished meat for people.     We are perusing th catalogs for garden seed as the time is fast coming to get the ground ready and the seeds planted. Those fresh greens and cucumbers and tomatoes are so good!  And I get my exercise doing something I like to do and is useful.     We hope and pray you have been and are well and stay that way.  Get your good food and sunshine.  It counts.  If you wish to contact me concerning poultry or beef for your table email me at   souscon4@gmail.com.    We are located about 45 miles south and east of Kansas City Mo. a pleasant drive in the country.     Bless you.   Virginia