January 2019

Hello.   Glad you are with us.  It is a new year and plans are underway to make it fun and successful.     Not too much to do outside except feed the animals and gather the eggs.  Water is generally not a problem for them even when it gets really cold as their water containers are heated.  That really helps.  I like to get out and do chores even if I get cold.  Makes me feel better too.
Inside I keep house–not too much there either as there are only two of us and both adults. ( Husband has his chores to do inside too.)  So I have set out to embroider a set of seven dishtowels for each of the grand boys. Several of them were married this fall and I didn’t know what else besides money to get them.  My needlework can be a nice usable gift or something to keep for their kids, I guess. The girls will all get needlework too but not dishtowels.  Then there are the great grand children and some of them are mid teen years, so expect they will need wedding gifts eventually.  The ones who don’t get married will get something hand made as well.  Keeps me out of trouble.
Have gotten lots of seed catalogs so have been making my lists for what I think I want and what we need.  Will order several pounds of wild flower seeds to sow in my pasture.  They help to amend the soil and the livestock thrive with them in the pasture, not to mention the bees and butterflies.   
Am awaiting the catalogs from the hatcheries so I can order my baby chicks and turkeys. They will need to arrive the first week in March for processing for our customers the second Saturday in May.  I get baby turkeys in June so they will be ready for people by Thanksgiving.
My one little nanny goat will kid the end of January so hope the weather that week isn’t too cold.  She is so wide I bet she has twins, maybe even triplets.  She had twins last year The two billies will be ready to process for meat by the first of April—same as my three lambs.  They make great traditional Easter dinners.
The cows are staying fat.  We give them hay each day and grain occasionally so they remember to come when we want them to come into the corral.  They will begin to have their calves about the first of April. One of my Guernseys will calve then too, and I will begin milking.  Can hardly wait for fresh milk and cream.  Have two others and a Jersey who will calve a bit later so we should have milk year round from now on.
I will attempt to have a new article about the first of each month so hope you tune in then.  Until then    Thanks for visiting and stay well.    Virginia