March 2017 Update

MARCH    In like a lamb–warm, sunny, spring like.  Out like a (lion)?   Maybe.  At least some of the days of early March are roaring like a lion.  We had high winds the day before Oak Grove was hit with a tornado.  Also the two days since.  Winds that almost knocked me down and pushed me off the road.  The wind stole part of the roof of our hen house but Stephanie and I got new metal back on it and the hens continue to eat and lay those beautiful gem like eggs.  I do enjoy putting them in the cartons each evening.
On March 4th we acquired two half grown male goats.  One is brown and one is white with a reddish brown head. So far they won’t let me touch them.  They look at me like–“yeah, go ahead and put the food down.  We are smart enough not to get caught again,  Last time you took us away from Mom and our friends”.  That’s okay.  They are fun to watch and I bet we will get to pet them soon.
I’m writing this on the 8th and the first 100 baby chicks are safely in their brooder.  They are so cute and soft.  Noisy to be sure.  When we put them in the brooder they ran all over like little kids.  I took pictures so watch for them soon.
We are moving our yearlings  (cattle) home to sort and sell.  It will be hard to see them go but that is why we raise them.  We’ll keep a few for meat and replacements to the herd.
Our neighbors are busy putting down fertilizer in their fields in anticipation of spring planting.  The winter wheat really has greened up around here.  More moisture will be even better.—–if not too much falls.
Sounds like we might be in for trouble if it freezes like the weatherman says it will.  The fruit trees are well bloomed out.  May not have peaches, pears and apples this fall.
Our taxes are done!  This is a big occasion each March for this farm.  We didn’t celebrate it as much as some of our customers who purchase a turkey just for the holiday of TAX time.
This will do for this time.  Watch for the April notes.  Thanks for looking at us.   Virginia