March 2021

Hello everyone:    It seems like Spring may finally be trying to be here.  I know we will have some more winter weather—even after March 21.  We can always expect colder, wet days before Easter.  But the purple martins will be scouting in a week or so. The hyacinths, tulips and daffys are poking their first green through the soil. And the ground isn’t frozen.     The guys tilled the garden the first time and will do so again this week so we can plant lettuce, peas, onions, radishes etc.  Some fresh green stuff will be most welcome in our diets.  Will start my tomato plants in a few weeks.  They require 70 degree days for growth so won’t set them out until May.   Peppers and tomatillos as well.  Corn will be planted then so it will come up and grow quickly.  Those roasting ears are sooo good.     The first of the baby chicks are here.  Got the little yellow fluff balls this week.   Since they require 100 degree temps I’m glad the weather is better as that makes keeping their brooder house warm enough.  They are active and do the eat!!!!      Also the first calf of the season arrived a little unexpectedly this week.  Usually we start calving the end of March, not the first.  Calf is a really nice one, for which we are grateful.  Several other cows will soon have new babies as well.  We moved them all to fresh clean pasture to calve.  That will help cut down on sick babies.     Now is the time we farmers tune up our pastures with harrowing and planting and fixing terraces.  The guys are doing just that.  Such work makes hay season better as the ground is smoother and the grass thicker.     After a cold winter my husband is going to his woodshop most days. It is not heated so when its really cold he stays in the house.  
We need some bee hives so he will get to work this coming week to make them.  One of our boys has a saw mill and will saw the boards for him.  Lumber has gotten so high I’m not sure we could afford to make bee hives—-or any other structure.  We will need calf shelters for the dairy calves later so glad we have our own trees and a portable sawmill.  AJ looked at the bees this week on a warm day and thinks most of them survived.  I haven’t gone over there yet to see.  Hope she is right.     Well, until next time stay well and thanks for joining our farm blog.     Virginia