November 2017

November is here–ready or not.  We can expect colder weather but I do hope the sun shines more!
Thanksgiving is just around the corner and our turkeys are ready.  Did you order yours?  Or maybe one for Christmas?   If not there are still a few of the larger ones just waiting for your email request.  We have had fun with them this year.  As the summer progressed they became like the rats or children (depending on the version you read) following the pied piper.  We would take food and water to them and they followed us up the hill to the feeder chirping and snicking.  The toms began early to puff out their feathers and the white ones heads get a beautiful azure color with red wattles. The bronze don’t show the blue as much.  As they have grown they look so regal.  They certainly rid the pasture of a lot of bugs and have picked the grass and other green stuff really short.  It is time for them to be enjoyed for the holidays.
As the weather gets colder the Guernseys get bigger with calf so expect I will start milking in cold weather,, hopefully by Christmas.  I have more difficulty telling when these milk cow heifers are going to calf than I do with the beef cows. I”m looking forward to having fresh whole milk though.
Most of the season’s work is done.  We still have to dig sweet potatoes and I wonder why they are so curled, very much like rams horns.  Those in the store are not curled like mine.  We planted 48 and have a very adequate supply.  The few I have dug are nice and sweet.
Also need to cut off the dead flower tops in the yard.  That is just part of putting my beds to bed for the winter.  All of them were beautiful.  I had blooming gladiola when the frost came.  And the roses and vinca were at their most colorful.  My dahlias didn’t bloom in time for our little street fir but when they did they were so colorful  from blood re to sunshine yellow and a pure white one with some bicolors.
Did some of you go to the Ozarks to see the foliage?  Was it as colorful as usual?  It didn’t seem like some of the trees around here were as orange, red, gold and purple as they often are.  Some are now more colorful than earlier.  Weather plays such a role in their vibrancy.
 This is it for November except to wish you the very most happy Thanksgiving day and remember to say Thanks for all we have.  I like the slogan that says, ” What if you woke up tomorrow with only what you gave thanks for today.”  Some of us would be very poor, I think.
God go with you.   Virginia    Missouri Gems-Toole Farms