April 2018

Dear Friends and Customers:
     May Our Risen Lord grant you every blessing this Easter.   I don’t remember an Easter Day like this one.  Our family gets together for the celebration of the Risen Jesus as we did this year but we surely didn’t hunt eggs outside.   Brrrrrr!
News from our farm is that we are anticipating the first new calf.  I thought it might be yesterday in the storm, it so often is during storms, but that didn’t happen, thank goodness.  The momma cows all look ready to pop.
One of our calves from last year didn’t want to be sold, I guess.  She insists on getting into trouble and it is often outside the pasture fence. A  couple weeks ago she got stick in the mud around the pond and was there for an unknown number of hours.  The boys saw here and went to get her unstuck.  That proved quite a job.  They got her out and on the pond bank when Dad and I came to feed the calves.  We saw her and she was still alive but not able to get up.  It was really cold and windy so I knew we needed help so went to one of the kid’s house and he came to help.  We rolled her onto her belly but she still could’t get up so in the end we hauled her to his house and put her where it was warm and fed and watered her.  She was glad for that.  Also gave hr some pain med and an antibiotic to ward off pneumonia.  She was down eight days with the boys trying to get her to stand each day.  Finally she could and did well for a week.  Then she got stuck in a different pool of mud.  When they got her out this time she came home in the trailer and will remain in the corral where, we hope, she can’t get into something she shouldn’t.
 She had pulled out her ear tag earlier which broke some of the cartilage in the ear so she has a puppy dog droopy ear.  She goes through almost any fence we tried to keep her in so it’s time to pen her up!  She is a nice health red calf that is destined for the sale barn eventually—–if all goes well.
The first 100 chick I got for selling in May are getting as big as most old time chickens did when my Dad got pan fryers years ago.  If it gets warm they need to go to pasture but right now they would die in the cold and wet so they stay in the chicken house but really need not too. the odor is most unpleasant.
I hope the fruit trees and flowers didn’t get hurt with the freeze.  Some were close to opening their buds.  My daffodils and hyacinths are in full bloom!  I have ordered most of the rest of the flowers and trees we will plant.  Stephanie and I will dig up some maples to transplant elsewhere as they are too close to the house.  Those little aeroplane seeds grow so easily–often where we don’t want them.   Will also transplant a peach tree because it is too close to the septic system and we don’t need that kind of trouble.
We still have a lamb for sale if anyone want  some lamb.  We will process it since it will soon be too old for lamb and I care less for mutton.  The hanging wt of the ones we have done is 55 lbs.  The cut and wrapped wt is a little less and it sells for $ 5.00 per pound.  Other wise we will enjoy lamb again.  We had some from the first one for our Easter dinner.  I’ll hold it for you for awhile if you want it.  Let me know by email.
If the days warm up and the ground get dry enough we will move our hens from the garden area back to the chicken yard   then plow up the garden so we can get it planted.  Most of us are looking forward to lettuce, radishes etc.
FYI  the first chicken processing day is May 12.  Get your orders to us soon.  We will process chickens the second Saturday of the month through October.
Wishing you warm weather and pleasant days until we meet again—–next month.   Virginia  for Missouri Gems-Toole Farms