February 2018

Dear Friends and customers:
How does time go so fast.  Here it is almost th second week of February and I’m just getting to this.  WOW
This past weekend some of my family and I drove a truck and trailer to mid Arkansas to pick up my new Red Devon bull.  When Stephanie and I went to the Red Devon show and sale Conference in Springfield Mo. last September we saw him.  He was not for sale but I really liked what I saw.  His momma was one of the show cattle and not for sale either.  I spoke several times with the family who owed them and they agreed to sell me the 9 month old bull calf after he was weaned and ready to leave their ranch.  He is really something with his potential for our herd.  He is now 13 months old and will be 18 months by June when we need him.
Our cows are fat and really nice this winter.  We have better pastures than ever before and it shows.  We won’t start calving until the end of March or early April.  My philosophy on that is that most wild animals wait until ideal weather to have their babies so why not the cows.  We still have to feed some hay but by April the grass is beginning to green and by the time the calves are big enough to need much milk the cows will have good feed o make lots of rich milk and the calves will grow more quickly.  Also the weather is warmer and the new born calves are less likely to get chilled.  Our weaned calves are really looking good so it worked last year.  We will be selling most of 2017 calves the end of March.  They will likely go to pasture until fall and then to the feedlots or ranches.  They are totally grass and hay fed with almost no grain so their potential is whatever the buyer wants.  We hope someday in the near future to be able to market most of these kind of calves as meat direct to the customers freezer.  Red Devon is known as the gourmet beef on grass and in the East much of the Red Devon is sold directly to the chef.   )Bet that’s more than you wanted to know?)
I finally got my catalog for ducks, turkeys and geese so am perusing it intently.  Prices for the babies are the same as  last year so our finished prices will remain the same.  Everyone likes stable prices.
You know how it is when you look in the catalogs–you want everything–or I do, especially when it comes to garden and flower things.
With limited space and time I have to choose the best things for our farm so am narrowing down my choices.
Will let you know what wins.
Since I was not able to get all the flower beds and stuff cleaned up last fall I’m waiting for a really nice day and outside I go.  It will take several days to get things squared away for Spring and flowers may be coming up before I get it all done.
On January 26, thankfully a warm day, our little nanny had her babies.  We expected one and she has twins–a boy and a girl.  One of the bucks we sold is the daddy and the babies are so cute.  Mom lets all of us pick them up and love on them.  They already jump up on the things to play on and are beginning to sniff at the pans when Stephanie feed the big guys.  One is white with brown spots and the other is mostly brown.
Guess this is it for February.  We are all looking forward to Spring—-whether the ground hog saw his shadow or not.   Have you noticed that Lent starts on  Valentines Day and Easter if April 1, April Fools day?  Funny isn’t it.
We will visit again in early March.  Stay well and God bless each of you.    Virginia