February 2020

Hello everyone.:     We are glad this has been a mild winter in the Midwest.  I guess for some that statement may not be true, especially if you are calving or lambing in January an February or even March.  We will be selling our 2019 year;s calves the middle of March, in time for them to go to grass and grow for the fall.  These are the nicest calves we’ve had, I do think.  We will keep most of the heifers for replacement of our 12 to 15 year old girls.  All have wintered so well on minimum feed.  Hay with molasses tubs is all they get.  They get molasses to be sure theirs rumens have the necessary energy feed for the microbes to digest hay which is more protein than carbs.  If they don’t have the energy then the bellies fill up, push against the lungs and the cow dies.  We learned the hard way to feed the sugars!  Since the cows have remained in such good shape we expect to see some really good calves again and do not expect to have any calving difficulties.  We haven’t pulled one of our calves for years.
Ordered my chicks for the year.  The first 125 will arrive early March and be brooded until the weather is warm enough in April to put them to pasture.  Still expect to process the first ones the second Saturday in May and then every month through October.  If you want more information or to order them email me at souscon4@gmail.com.  They need to be picked up at our farm near Holden, Missouri.Will order the turkeys a little later since they arrive in June for processing just before Thanksgiving.  I hope to hatch some geese and ducks for the fall.  Did last year and surely enjoyed watching them mature.  All those little ducks waddling behind their mothers was a site to see.  Had yellow ones and colored ones as I raise Pekin and Rouen onws.
Have ordered my garden seeds as the discounts are always up front and early.  I pretty much know what AJ and I can grow and take care of.  We will once again have beans, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers and squashes.  They will be for sale if they do well like they did last year.  We will plant corn.  Have more difficulty getting a good crop of it.  Also sweet potatoes.  For our family I’ll plant lettuce and onions too.  Tomatillos are easy to grow and loaded with nutrients.  Nearly always have a good crop of them Also turnips. Not brave enough to try celery this year but Tish did one year and did really well.
At the Red Barn we need to move dirt around and get the landscaping done and the berry patch ready to plant.  Will have blackberries, raspberries, asparagus, rhubarb and horse radish this time.  Hope to add blueberries later.
At least it is good to dream.  My biggest desire is that the grand children will want to continue with this plan when I’m gone.  The land and infrastructure will be in place so hard work will be all that is required.  Not the money to build it all. That has slowed me down!
Anyway enough musings for one winter day. Hope all of you stay well and prosper.    Virginia Toole   Missouri Gems-Toole Farms