January 2018

Dear Friends:
Welcome to January.  If you are new we thank you for looking at this site.  If you’ve been to see us before, Thank you and welcome.
January has arrived.  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and are ready for a terrific New Year.
We are thankful for he really cold weather without lots of snow—although we need the moisture and likely the protection it afford the fields and pastures.  The cold will likely cut down the number of insects we face next summer!  A few less ticks and flys would be most welcome.  Mosquitoes too.
This month will find us moving our weaned calves to fresh pasture where they can forage until mid to late March when they will be sold.  They look really good.  Have stayed fat on good hay.  Almost no grain–just enough to teach them to eat from the bunk and to come when we call them.
It is time to order our poultry for the year.  Will get 100 chicks each month for six months beginning in March to raise and sell beginning in May.  Plan to get some ducks and we will keep the hens for eggs.  Some of our customers love them, especially for cooking.  Plan to get six geese too.  Ours from last year did not survive but we have a safer place to keep them now.  Perhaps we will have a fat goose for Christmas dinner–like the Cratchett family did.   Will also get about 50 turkeys.  We had good luck with them last year in our fenced pasture that was especially for them.  We’ve eaten two that were absolutely delicious, moist and golden!
And the seed catalogs have filled our mailbox for the last several weeks.  I look at them and want to buy way more than I could ever take care of–even if we had the room to plant them.  Will also get some fruit trees to replace some that did not do well. This summer I want to get my berry and asparagus patch ready to plant next spring.  It needs to be worked several times to get it ready so the berries take off.  Will plant a few horse radish plants too.  By my Red Barn I want to establish three holly trees as well.  Holly grows in Missouri so we’ll see.  They would be lovely additions to the Christmas decor next season.
I had a hip replacement in December and am working hard to be ready to ride the 4 wheeler by March when the cows begin to calve. It’s my job to check them and let the boys know if they need to tag some babies.  We tag the babies with the same ear tag number as their momma so we can keep track of our genetics better.  We simply want to make our beef the best there is!!
So long for now.  Stay warm and look for us in February.