June 2019

Howdy: Do you think Spring has arrived in the Midwest?  Maybe we just jumped right into a hot humid summer.  If you garden, did you get one planted? I haven’t except for some peppers.  Will still do so if we can get the garden worked.  Very much want some green beans and sweet corn.  Of course tomatoes, too.
Was in the Pacific Northwest the end of May.  Was warm but a light jacket was comfortable in the wind or toward dark.  Had a swell visit with my remaining brothers and sister.  Had been a long time since we all were together at one time.  The oldest brother ranches and for part of our “doings”  we branded his calves.  Also castrated a four year old stallion so he would be a better horse around the ranch.  I had not seen that done in 50 years.  The horse was given and anesthetic, then made to lie on his side and the surgery was done.  Woke him up in a short time and got him on his feet.  He was a little wobbly for a short time then did very well.  They put him in a small pen so he could be closely observed for bleeding or other unexpected entities but he was eating in a few hour.  Very little swelling in 24 hours.  He will, hopefully, make my brother a good riding horse–cow pony.
Happy to report that when I saw our calves after getting home they look even better than I expected.  The half longhorn calves have the widest butt of all and are really well muscled.  Lots of future good eating on those hooves.  All baby calves are fun to watch when they run and romp.  Usually there are five or six playing together, as if they are playing tag or follow the leader.  Good thing we didn’t want horns because I don’t think there is one with horns.  The moms are all polled and so are the calves.
Just before I left the two Billy Goats we had for meat got into big trouble so the day before I left they went to the locker plant.  They are now packaged and ready to enjoy in fajitas, roasted etc.  I will like them a lot.  BAD Boys, indeed!
It is time to be making hay to feed our livestock this winter but it doesn’t look too promising.  It went to seed early instead of making lots of leaves.  Maybe a second cutting will be available and produce more tonnage.  We pray so.
I’ll say good by until July.  Hope you will click in then. 
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