March 2018

March is in like the gamboling lamb here in central Missouri first.   Easter is one month away and daylight savings two weeks.
We are thankful for the lovely rains we had the last week.  Also the sunshine.  Makes me want to get out and get digging in the good black earth.  Have paged the seed catalogs many times trying to decide what we will plant this year.  I have been out cleaning out the flower beds I didn’t get done last fall.  The daffodils have poked up their noses and the peonies have big fat pink buds showing.  We rebuilt the pergola on the south side of our house and are now choosing vines and roses to grow on it.  We will avoid the woody kind of vines because they grow so tough they pulled the first one down.
Bob told m he is going to be working at my Red Barn to get the dairy barn finished and the landscaping done and some fencing built so we can move the dairy cows into that pasture and be ready to milk when the next calf is born.  He and I talked this week about what I want so the whole place will be beautiful and functional.  Will have to get a sink and dishwasher plumbed in too.  We didn’t need them to process chickens but will to wash milking equipment.  My husband, Tom, and I were discussing signage.  It will be put up when the Barn is done and we are truly ready for business on a daily basis.
The first 100 baby chicks will arrive March 6 and be ready to process May 12.
They are for sale and you can order them by emailing me how many you would like.   We do 100 chicks each month through Oct.
The baby goats born January 26 have grown much and are fun to watch and play with.  Th two sheep we bought as lambs last fall are big and will be processed by Easter.  Want a leg o lamb for your Easter Feast?  Email me.
Our 2017 calves are fat and really pretty.  Most of them will go to sale the end of March.  They were mostly boys anyway.  New calves should begin being born by the end of this month.  Mommas have stayed fat all winter on good pasture with hay as wanted.  No grain.   Our new Red Devon bull is growing.  He will be ready for service when it’s time.  I saw him as a calf last fall and we went to Arkansas to get him on a  nice day in mid January.  That was a long 300 mil trip but we had no difficulty and really enjoyed the day with the people we bought him from.
Bob had so much trouble with our baler last year so he bought a different used baler and will have to do some work on it so he won’t have trouble during haying season.  To get good hay means the grass and clover needs to be cut and dried and baled at the right time and usually between rains. Otherwise the food quality suffers.  With the rains we have had so far we should have a good hay crop and hopefully we will get more rain as we need it.  Some areas of the Midwest are quite dry.  Winter wheat around here is short but green and seems like good stands  We don’t row crop but are always interested in those who do. Their success certainly affects ours.
Reckon said enough now but do want to wish each of you a beautiful Spring and a truly Glorious Easter.  Hope to see some of you before then.
Virginia Toole   Missouri Gems–Toole Farms