May 2019 Part 1

See!  See!   Our baby piglets have arrived!!  We have been awaiting them since January and thought they would arrive on Easter Sunday.  They did arrive on Sunday, April 28 —- all eleven of them.  They are born on pasture an will grow on pasture including some timber land.  They will never be confined to a muddy pen or concrete floor— like many of today’s pigs are.   They will get non GMO grain with mother’s milk and after I start milking they will get the excess cow’s milk and garden produce as well.  They will be fat happy pigs to eat in five or six months.  Those of you who try to find local food feel free to email me and reserve one or more of these fine pigs for your gourmet eating.  They are truly “dirt hogs” in the fullest sense of the word.  Enjoy the picture of new born ( taken a few hours after birth) baby pigs and watch for up dates as they mature.  This is our second set of baby pigs born on our farm.  We are excited to see them grow.    
Virginia     Missouri Gems-Toole Farms