November 2018

Pigs for processing weigh 250 to 300 pounds on the hoof so will yield 125 to 225 pound of hanging weight meat— a little less meat if you subtract the bones.   Hanging weight is the animal  after it is killed and gutted. We ask $2.00 per pound on the hoof and the buyer pays the locker fees so he can have the pig processed as he wishes.  Steaks, roasts, cured meat like hams, bacon and sausage.  We request a $100.00 non refundable deposit.

These pigs are born on our farm and live their entire lives on dirt with a diet of non GMO grains, milk, pumpkins, pears, nuts and legumes.  They get to root in the dirt to their heart’s content.
See the photos for the ones born last this past summer.  They are now ready to wean and fatten to make someone some delicious pork.   We have four older ones that will be ready to process in December so contact us soon to reserve your meat.  Makes a great Christmas gift!       Virginia  at  Can also call 816 850 4728 with questions
Thank you.