October 2017 Update

 Fall is here. The days are shortening quickly.  I shut up the chickens at night and they go to bed much earlier now.  the apples have ripened and the pears are ready for harvest.  Not many leaves have turned at our house but the walnuts and hickories are falling.  We picked out a few and they are delicious.
     I planted beets, carrots and turnips a couple weeks ago and they are growing nicely.  The late planted sweet corn will soon be ready for fresh roasting ears.  Was afraid it wasn’t going to make anything and then there they are.  Still have oodles of hot peppers.  They were so prolific this year.  Green peppers are doing well also.  Pumpkins have all ripened too.  Too early for Halloween.
     We will harvest the last or our “fat” chickens, the ones we raise for meat, on October 14.  Then we will harvest our turkeys and ducks the Saturdaybefore Thanksgiving and be done until Spring.  I enjoy the break but look forward to the spring, as well.
     Have spent a good part of the end of September pulling grass qnd weeds from the flower beds.  That last good rain really sent them crazy.  The dahlias are so pretty now. The Michaelmas asters as well.  The red salvia finishes out the shout out color in our yard.
    Time to get to work and finish my washing and go get some watermelons from the garden.  Maybe pick pears, as well.
     Until the next letter, so long and may all your days be blessed.      Virginia